Some thought from Wanglin story

When I read current news in internet today,I clicked a headline that attracted my attention. The news was about Wanglin,called Qigong Master in internet. I have heard the news of Wanglin form Internet  2 years ago,but I knew little about him. But the headline I read today drew my attention to discover this heat man.
In my past knowledge,Wanglin was  just  a big  fraud,who defrauded lots of money. It cost me nearly 2 hour to read the story of Wanglin in internet. There is so many videos,articles that revealing Wanglin‘s trick, and certifying many Chinese elites visited Wanglin by themselves,or were closely related with Wanglin,which included Mayun,Zhaowei,and so many Chinese high officials,such as the ex-minister of National Railway,Liu Zhijun.
Finally,I read a article that impressed me most  in a famous website, which released a words called “Wanglin took off the underpants of the Chinese elites”.  The author said these elites who took photo together with Wanglin must be laughed by whole society. Additionally,the author said it showed inferior taste of many Chinese elites from Wanglin story. In fact, I  really agree the opinion.
Wanglin story reminded me of many folk tricky story,such as the expert of food therapy,Zhang Wuben,the expert of curing cancer by herb,Ni Haiqing. I read a deep report that explain why China often exist tricky story which is crazy in the face of science. It said China has a low percentage of population with qualified science attainment currently, which is  nearly equal to 1990s level of Canada,though China got great economical development in recent decades.